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Loft Style Entertaining

There is nothing ordinary about this traditional 2-story home in Springfield, Illinois.  Built in the 1930’s, this home boasted of charm, but lacked the needed functionality for the homeowner’s unique needs.  The ultimate goal was an open kitchen and dining space for frequent entertaining yet versatile enough to support a  not-for-profit ministry baking in excess of 40-50 dozen cookies daily.  Our challenge:   create a small functional commercial kitchen with quaint and intimate dining space with the feel of a restored urban loft.

Combining the steel support above with reclaimed wood planks for the floor, brick veneer to opposing arched doorways, distressed cabinets and combination of stainless steel /butcher block counters we were able to create a new space with worn materials which complimented the age of the home.  We stacked three moldings for a custom crown that is bold enough to anchor this open space and carry the glossy black look the homeowner desired.

The new space boasts a double wall oven and 2-drawer refrigerator, a wall of base cabinets for storage, open counter space and versatile open floor plan allowing the homeowners to entertain larger crowds.  The arched French adds a feel of comfort, old and new.  A great space for dinner or a dozen cookies anytime!




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